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TP5-3580 3MUSB-C Charger Cable with ferrite core ring For PS5 Controller Game Ac

For PS5 Controller Game Ac

PS5 Gold woven mesh 3M data cable is absolutely a must have accessory for every PS5 player! Made of high-quality materials, with gold-plated durable woven network cables, not only beautiful, but also effectively prevent entanglement and damage to ensure stable and fast data transmission. Up to 3 meters of data cable length provides greater flexibility and convenience, allowing you to move freely during the game without worrying about cable limitations. The data cable supports fast charging and high-speed data transfer, allowing you to enjoy the game while keeping the device fully charged and data transfer smooth. This PS5 gold-plated woven mesh 3M data cable is not only practical and reliable, but also shows the high-end luxury design sense, so that your gaming experience is more perfect! Use this cable now to add luxury and convenience to your PS5!

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