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TNS-19035 six in one charging base + TNS-19051 multifunctional storage rack TNS-

Switch charging base + multifunctional storage rack around the game

[product features]
1. Using intelligent micro control circuit technology to manage output;
2. More than 95% high efficiency conversion;
3. Charge four switch or switcholed (joy con) l / R small handles + two Pro handles or two elf balls at the same time;
5. Red light and green light are two kinds of charge and discharge indicators, which are simple and easy to understand;
6. Beautiful appearance and convenient placement;
7. Low standby power consumption, power saving and environmental protection;
8. The storage rack is made of ABS and can hold 27 game cards. Store switch charging stand and host;
9. Hang joy con small handle or Elf ball
Appearance patent No.: 201930374255.8

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