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Switch OLED heat dissipation fan base TNS-1155

Switch heat dissipation fan

[Product Features]

1.The product is used for SWITCH OLED MODEL base, and the type-C head of the original power adapter is connected to the type-C input port of the product for power supply.

2. The radiator in the base of the product has a type-c power supply line, which can be connected to the SWITCH OLED MODEL base for power supply.
3. SWITCH: Install the product on the base of SWITCH OLED MODEL in the correct way. Press the SWITCH to turn on or off the fan, and the lighting effect will also turn on or off synchronously.
4. Heat dissipation fan: A high-speed fan can accelerate air circulation in the base of the host to achieve heat dissipation.
5. Lighting: There are blue LED inside the fan with blue lighting effect.
6. Material: ABS.
6. Accessories: Sponge pad (41.8*41.8*18)

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