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Yuyuanxin Qingyuan · Gulongxia League Construction Trip -2020


In hot summer,only water can cool off.

How can not play water?Gulong Gorge rafting, the most attractive, exciting and fun canyon rafting in Guangdong, is the first stop of our tour.Gulong Gorge is located in the mountains in the north of Guangdong province, integrating waterfalls, deep pools, jungles, rare plants and so on. The current of gulong Gorge rafting point is swift, silver waterfall splashing, and the drop is huge. Just looking from the top, we can feel its breathtaking and exciting.


The cool summer trip begins with a rafting trip at Gulong Gorge.

The gulong Gorge, known as the "forest tunnel", has lush vegetation on both sides, with tree shadows overlapping each other to reflect in the clear water. In this "forest tunnel", our little friends are enjoying the rapids bravely entering without any worries of sun exposure.In the smooth water area, all people opened the water fight mode and sprinkle each other, fierce confrontation so that all the unhappy left behind, all the troubles also disappeared.

In Gulong Gorge, even if you do not play in the water, do not drift, you can still feel its shock and danger.Some of our partnersset foot on the breathtaking gulong Gorge glass bridge walkway at the same time,.Gulong Gorge Glass Bridge Grand Canyon is a combination of glass platform, glass walkway and glass bridge for high altitude sightseeing. On this suspended glass bridge, you can look down into the deep mountains and valleys through the glass under your feet. Coupled with the 5D sound effect of stepping and breaking, it seems that you will fall into the abyss at any time.

We yuyuanxin partners, whether fear of heights or not, have overcome all difficulties,and their own psychological barriers, step by step  to the other side of victory.As we in the work, even if encounter difficult thing, we will overcome one by one,  I would like to point praise for their bravery!


After the exciting rafting and sightseeing, we came to the second stop of this tour -- The Famer Manor. Listening to its name and knowing its meaning, this is definitely a good place to relax. Having just experienced the thrilling rafting, it is the perfect time to come to the farm.The Famer Manor is not only a sea of flowers, but also a world of animals, we walk in the farm, watching a variety of flowers, flowers, enjoy the beauty of nature.


How can we enjoy the beautiful scenery without some excitement?Let's have a fast and furious running like a racing driver.Starting Beach Suvs, the roaring motor, the speeding vehicles, the sweat,laughter into a piece, let us temporarily forget the noise and trouble of the city, put our heart and soul into the passion of the track.


If the all-fire mountain trail isn't enough for you, the next CS battle in the real world is.

Look, we yu Yuanyuanxin's partners are all holding laser guns, goggles, head wear bulletproof helmet, in reality staged CS war, you cover my charge, you retreat I detour, a variety of strategies and various tactics, are staged in this no smoke of battle.

The excitement didn't dissipate after the game was over, and the players gathered in small groups to discuss victories and mistakes.After this simulated battle, I believe that we all understand how important teamwork is. I believe this understanding will make us more united and understand the importance of teamwork in our future work.


Last second, we were fighting,the next time, we immediately became fruit farmers, experiencing the idyllic life of fruit farmers and enjoying the pleasure of picking grapes by ourselves.If you haven't been to Turpan and eaten turpan's grapes, then this is the right place to come!

"alcohol Portuguese village"  known as "guangdong turpan", which is the largest high-tech grape plantation in Qingyuan, Near the mountain and by the river, with fresh air, quiet environment, fruit aroma overflowing. walk in the grape corridor, garden full of profusion, looked up to see fresh crunchy, sweet and juicy grapes, we all enjoy this moment.

With the setting of the sun in the west, this group building activity has come to the end, happy time is always fleeting, next we have to put into the busy and intense work.This league construction was very successful and meaningful,not only enhanced the feelings among colleagues, but also strengthened the communication and cooperation ability among all employees of Yuyuanxin. At the same time, we also deeply felt the strength of the team.The strength of a person is limited, but the strength of a team is indestructible, the success of the team needs the joint efforts of every member!