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DOBE TY-0805 High Speed Wire Divider


Nowadays, most computer peripherals are connected to a computer via USB,In the case of laptops, technology has made them more powerful and thinner,Although it is beautiful and portable, the disadvantages of pursuing thin and thin texture are also obvious. The most common one is that there are fewer USB interfaces.Sometimes with just two USB ports, what do you make of the mouse, keyboard, card reader and other devices?


It's not just computers that are troubled by this problem.More and more electronic products are facing the problem of inadequate USB interface,Even consoles (Switch, Xbox, PS4, etc.) are experiencing the same problem.Two USB ports barely meet our daily needs. A handle and a radiator won't fit any more.At this point, we need to understand the USB HUB splitter ~


As far as USB products on the market are concerned, there are plenty of multi-port products.But the body is heavy and difficult to carry, portable and small, but its performance is not enough,Choose to choose to choose can not choose a USB cable splitter, it is really a headache!With the advent of the DOBE Ty-0805 high-speed wire divider, you can have your cake and eat it.


Ty-0805 high-speed wire splitter is a universal extension multiport USB3.0 data transmission extender.It is also compatible with USB2.0 data transmission;The design of the product is light and beautiful, very portable (only the size of a USB flash disk);It not only supports connecting PC and laptop, but also compatible with Switch, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and other host devices.The function of more than one machine is really added bonus for it!


USB3.0 high-speed transmission is the biggest highlight of TY-0805.To put things in perspective, USB2.0 has a maximum bandwidth of 480 Megabits per second (60MB/s),The maximum transmission bandwidth of USB3.0 is as high as 5.0GBps (500MB/s). The efficient transmission allows us to play console games without delay and improve the game experience.In addition, if we insert the USB3.0 cable on the device into the USB3.0 data interface of the host device, we can expand four USB3.0 data transmission interfaces.Meet the user's need to use multiple external USB devices at the same time.


It solves the problem of insufficient USB ports while connecting multiple devices, and we can't help but wonder,Can it move?There is no need to worry about this. The maximum input current of type-C auxiliary power supply interface of ty-0805 splitter is 3A.The maximum current output of A single USB3.0 interface is 1.5a, which can not only drive four USB3.0 interfaces, but also work simultaneously and efficiently.

Ty-0805 high-speed wire splitter not only meets the requirements of multiple interfaces,And in the process of file transfer, performance is stable, fast, and plug and play, no installation driver can be compatible with multiple systems,No matter it is a laptop or desktop computer, or Switch, Xbox, PS4 or other game consoles, we can enjoy easy and convenient experience.