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DOBE live stream coming soon, Very wonderful do not miss.


With the rapid development of the Internet, live-streaming enters the life of general public like a dark horse. Why is it so popular? Because it presents a new way of demonstration for users to acquire the latest and fullest information at home. Meanwhile, the outdoor activities of people are reduced due to the COVID-19 epidemic, so watching live stream becomes a novel and the most fashionable way to spend leisure time.With the help of live-streaming as an popular mode of demonstration, we will present DOBE brand directly to the public on the screen at on July 26 to 27 to let more people know our unique style.

【A live stream carnival about “DOBE”】
Some people are curious about it. What is the live stream about?
Who is the protagonist? It will be unveiled below.

Sony has officially launched its PS5 console during its new product release conference on June 12, which is cool and eye-catching. As a leading brand of mid-to-high-end game console accessories worldwide, DOBE makes every effort to provide customers with perfect gaming experience.DOBE has kicked off the development of relevant accessories closely after the the unveil of the PS5 console...At the moment, the R&D of a series of PS5 accessories is in progress. The details of these products will be directly announced during the live stream on July 26 to 27. Please join our live stream at to learn more about our PS5 accessories.

Apart from DOBE live stream to unveil the PS5 accessories,is there anything more to be expected?

Sure, there will be more new products of DOBE, including Controller TNS-19252 and the compact and portable HDMI video converter port TNS-19305HDMI. Currently, DOBE fans can merely get their information via text and pictures on our official website, which is far from enough for those who want to learn more about them and even try on their own. Any solution? More surprise will be found during our live stream on July 26 and 27.

DOBE live stream can not be missed. We are waiting for you participation.
The new products will be directly shown in front of our camera to let you see clearly on your screen. Besides, there will be functional and operational demonstration. In addition to the two new products, other products developed by DOBE recently will also appear. How about it? Are you looking forward to it?

On the DOBE live stream platform at, you can not only learn the information of our new products and the latest dynamics of our brand but also interact with our professionals to let them answer you questions. For more latest information of our new products and brand, please join our live stream at All in all, just join us...

【DOBE Game experience room】

This live broadcast scene

【Details of DOBE Live Stream at 】
【Time】: 19:00-21:00 on July 26; 9:00-11:00 on July 27

【Location】: DOBE at

Live link address on July 26】:

【QR code for the Live Stream on July 26】:Click to enter the live room

Live link address on July 27

【QR code for the Live Stream on July 27】:Click to enter the live room